We are pleased to announce a new challenge that we’ve undertaking here at the ISR and the ISRQSA: the “Radiation Protection Training Program for Patients/Public”.

This program is open to all learners, free of charge, with the objective of sharing information which will be used to train professionals, especially in developing countries.

The program will explore topics centered around Radiation and Medical Imaging in children including strategies and communication tools to help educate and empower both patients and their families.

With this project, ISR continues to expand its global training initiative started in 2009 with the completion of the first Virtual Congress, which was followed by the second and third sessions in 2011 and 2013, respectively.

Online courses in this context have been gaining ground, both in terms of demand and recognition, due to their success in meeting training needs that require flexible, effective and technologically-based models of education.

Technical Features of the trainings:

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