Gallbladder Carcinoma Update: Multimodality Imaging Evaluation, Staging, and Treatment Options

Authors: Alessandro Furlan 1,2, James V. Ferris 1, Keyanoosh Hosseinzadeh1 and Amir A. Borhani1

1 Department of Radiology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Presbyterian Campus), 200 Lothrop St., Rm. 3950 CHP MT, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
2 Present address: Istituto di Radiologia, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria "Santa Maria della Misericordia"di Udine, 33100 Udine (UD), Italy.


The purpose of this article is to review the epidemiology, multimodality imaging findings, differential diagnosis, pathologic staging, and current treatment options of gallbladder carcinoma.


Understanding the characteristic appearances of primary gallbladder carcinoma at multiple imaging modalities can facilitate diagnosis and enable more accurate staging for triage to extended resection or an alternate therapy.