Ecografía muscular. Técnica de exploración, indicaciones y protocolo de estudio

Authors: Dr. Jesús Soto Pérez1; Dra. Luz Viviana Salazar Lara2; Dra. Katia Espinosa Peralta2; Dra. Katiuzka Casares Cruz2

1 Del Departamento de Radiología e Imagen del Hospital Angeles de Lindavista
2 Unidad de Radiodiagnóstico. Río bamba No. 639, Col. Magdalena de las Salinas, 07760, México, D.F.
Copias (copies): Dr. Jesús Soto Pérez
[email protected]


Nowadays the ultrasound constitutes a tool of the first choice for the patients´ diagnosis with pathology of the muscular system. Its is a dependent operator, needs of the knowledge of some anatomical and technical concepts that help us to provide images of sufficient diagnostic quality. With experience it is an examination relatively easy to realize, highly reliably and with high availability. Its major advantage with other methods of image is the possibility of effecting the study in dynamic form. The development of the widespread image has improved considerably the possibility of demonstrating the royal extension of some pathological processes.


The US of high resolution provides excellent resolution of the muscular fabric and of the superficial adjacent planes, which it allows us to evaluate patients with a wide variety of pathologys.