Beyond Ultrasound: CT and MRI of Ectopic Pregnancy

Authors: Linda Y. Kao1, Meir H. Scheinfeld1, Victoria Chernyak1, Alla M. Rozenblit1, Sarah Oh1 and R. Joshua Dym1

OBJECTIVE. Although ultrasound is the primary modality used in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, various forms of this condition and their complications may occasionally be further evaluated with MRI or may be incidentally detected on CT or MRI when an alternative diagnosis is suspected.

CONCLUSION. Various types of ectopic pregnancy have characteristic imaging features. Radiologists should be familiar with these features and should always consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy in the setting of hemoperitoneum or a pelvic mass in a woman of child-bearing age. Familiarity with the typical CT and MRI appearances of various forms of ectopic pregnancy facilitates prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment.