Colangiopatía asociada a SIDA: Cuando la sola imagen no basta

Authors: Dr. Leonardo Lidid A, Int Camilo Apey R

In HIV-infected patients, liver and biliary tract may be affected by different entities, such as AIDS-cholangiopathy, which is usually associated with CD4+T lymphocytes count below 100 cells/mm3 along with non-specific symptoms. Although imaging studies play a major diagnostic role they should always be evaluated according to patients clinical context. While ultrasound and CT scans provide relevant diagnostic information, specialized studies such as MRI and MRCP have become increasingly valuable due to their ability to demonstrate parietal as well as stenotic biliary changes. Despite ERCP remains the gold-standard for diagnosis of AIDS-related cholangiopathy, currently it is usually reserved to clearly exclude the presence of malignancy, or as a specific invasive therapeutic procedure, when indicated.