Actualización de la estadificación del cáncer de pulmón

Authors: Christian González (1), Gabriel Bruno (1), Osvaldo Salariato (2), Claudia Álvarez (1), Lisandro Paganini (1), Javier Vallejos (1), Adriana Dieguez (1)

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer
(IASLC) together with The International Union Against
Cancer (UICC) and The American Joint Committee on
Cancer (AJCC) created an International Staging Committee
(ISC) that retrospectively collected and analyzed data from
patients worldwide with the purpose of introducing changes
to the 6th edition of the TNM staging for lung cancer published in 2002, which was not changed since 1997 (5th
Edition). The updating was intended to provide an adequate
and safe staging, which is necessary to describe, in a standardized manner, the extent of disease, predict prognosis, select
therapy, and assess outcomes in prospective clinical trials.
The 7th edition of the TNM staging for lung cancer published
in late 2009 and effective as of January 1, 2010, have incorporated substantial changes in the staging of lung cancer (with
particular reference to tumor size and lymph node mapping),
and, additionally, proposing a new staging groups