Evidence-based guideline for the written radiology report: Methods, recommendations and implementation challenges

Authors: Stacy K Goergen2,3,*, Felicity J Pool1, Tari J Turner4, Jane E Grimm11, Mark N Appleyard14, Carmel Crock7, Michael C Fahey5, Michael F Fay15, Nicholas J Ferris8, Susan M Liew9, Richard D Perry12, Ann Revell16, Grant M Russell6, Shih-chang SC Wang13..

The written radiology report is the dominant method by which radiologists communicate the results of diagnostic and interventional imaging procedures. It has an important impact on decisions about further investigation and management. Its form and content can be influential in reducing harm to patients and mitigating risk for practitioners but varies markedly with little standardisation in practice. Until now, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists has not had a guideline for the written report. International guidelines on this subject are not evidence based and lack description of development methods. The current guideline seeks to improve the quality of the written report by providing evidence-based recommendations for good practice.