Multimethod imaging, staging, and spectrum of manifestations of metastatic melanoma

Authors: M. Patnanaa, Y. Bronsteina , J. Szklaruka , D.G. Bedia , W.-J. Hwub, J.E. Gershenwaldc, V.G. Prietod, C.S. Nga Corresponding Author Information

The incidence of melanoma has been steadily increasing. Imaging plays an important role in tumour assessment as metastatic melanoma can involve multiple organs.
Computed tomography (CT) is currently the most widely used technique for tumour staging, surveillance and assessment of therapeutic response, but ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron-emission tomography (PET)-CT also play important roles in the imaging of this tumour.
In this article, we review the pathways of spread, staging according to the recently updated TNM classification, pathology, typical and atypical imaging features at common and uncommon sites, and treatment of metastatic melanoma.