Ultrasonography and the Ultrasound-Based Management of Thyroid Nodules: Consensus Statement and Recommendations

Authors: Won-Jin Moon, MD,1 Jung Hwan Baek, MD,2 So Lyung Jung, MD,3 Dong Wook Kim, MD,4 Eun Kyung Kim, MD,5 Ji Young Kim, MD,3 Jin Young Kwak, MD,5 Jeong Hyun Lee, MD,2 Joon Hyung Lee, MD,6 Young Hen Lee, MD,7 Dong Gyu Na, MD,8,9 Jeong Seon Park, MD,10 Sun W

The detection of thyroid nodules has become more common with the widespread use of ultrasonography (US). US is the mainstay for detecting and making the differential diagnosis of thyroid nodules as well as for providing guidance for a biopsy. The Task Force on Thyroid Nodules of the Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology has developed recommendations for the US diagnosis and US-based management of thyroid nodules. The review and recommendations in this report have been based on a comprehensive analysis of the current literature, the results of multicenter studies and from the consensus of experts.