Radiofrequency, microwave and laser ablation of pulmonary neoplasms: Clinical studies and technical considerations—Review article

Authors: Thomas J. Vogl1, Nagy N.N. Naguib, Thomas Lehnert, Nour-Eldin A. Nour-Eldin

Image-guided thermal ablation therapy has received significant attention for the treatment of many focal primary and metastatic pulmonary neoplasms. This interest has been associated with progressive advances in energy development, approach, technical application and adjuvant therapeutic combinations to improve the outcome results concerning local tumor control, survival rate and symptoms relief. This review provides clinical outline of percutaneous thermal ablation of lung neoplasms using radiofrequency, microwave and laser techniques regarding their principles, theoretical background, devices and techniques, technical problems and recent protocols. Advantages, limitations and technical considerations of each method will be illustrated to provide a practical guideline.