Page kidney: A rare cause of secondary hypertension

Authors: Ilonka Warnich, Mark Nicolaou, Zelia Sofianos, Jacobus A. Pienaar, Jacob Varghese

Page kidney is a rare phenomenon that can present with hypertension. The presence of a subcapsular perirenal collection causes parenchymal compression leading to renal hypoperfusion. Subsequent activation of the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system results in an increase in systemic blood pressure. The causes of renal subcapsular collections are varied, with most cases being secondary to post-traumatic haematomas. We present the case of a young hypertensive patient, treated as primary hypertension with persistently uncontrolled blood pressures. This was despite good treatment adherence. On further investigation, imaging identified the presence of bilateral subcapsular collections. This case illustrates the importance of a thorough workup in a young hypertensive patient with refractory hypertension. Given that Page kidney is curable, timeous intervention can save the patient from unnecessary medications and the morbidity of uncontrolled blood pressures.

Keywords: Page kidney; young; hypertension; secondary hypertension; subcapsular collection.